One Way to Reduce Gas Prices

I was thinking about gas prices and how they’ve just been soaring and fluctuating for no apparent reason and it’s getting annoying. One conclusion that I came to not too long ago was a thought about something else in the form of a question: How are many people able to go to college? No, I’m not proposing loans for gas. I think that we should consider an induced competition.

Many people would want to know if there’s going to be a new tax. I will be the first to say that there should not be a new tax to help cover this. Domestic drilling. Many people have already thought of this, but did they consider the possibility of the government stepping in and owning an oil well or two? I don’t think so. There are many potential positives from this kind of help.

This isn’t an oil well takeover by any means. It’s competition. What I think could work is if the more potentially hazardous rigs were owned by the government that maybe things wouldn’t be so bad. A prime example of this potential would be BP’s oil spill. Many people were killed, jobs were definitely lost, and it took forever to clean up. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have happened or that nobody would’ve died if the government owned that oil rig, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have had a major oil company have it’s reputation hurt badly by activists who still rage on about how the company is evil.

So how does the government owning some oil wells help us? One way it could help is that they could sell the oil and use the profits to subsidize paying for foreign oil, as well as keep a lot of the oil to ourselves of course. This would make the price of oil less for companies who purchase the oil. These companies who purchase the oil and refine it into gasoline can then lower their gas prices. The big question really is, “Will they want to lower gas prices?” Business is business. Businesses are there to make money doing something they love to do. Will they still jack up the price during certain times of the year? Yeah. Does the president have anything to do with it? Not usually. But maybe he would if the government owned and operated some oil wells like I’m suggesting.

Another thing that could be done is implementing wind, solar, and water generators to power those oil rigs.  Also, had the government owned the rig BP had the incident with, then BP wouldn’t have had their CEO freak out and resign.  I’ve heard that the military and many volunteers helped out with the cleanup, but not some of our allies.  Maybe it was because it was a company’s mess and not the country’s mess.

The direct results of my theory would be more jobs created and lower gas prices. With lower gas prices, people would have the means to either consume more things or even put those savings into an account. The whole world of possibilities is open. Let’s not shut the doors that lead to these possibilities.


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