Something to Look for if the Brexit Takes Place

Today is the day that Britain votes whether or not they will stay in the European Union (EU). There are plenty of arguments for and against what is being called the Brexit. Personally, I’m in favor of the Brexit for a few reasons. However, there are legitimate reasons for the United Kingdom (UK) to want out of the EU. From the restriction of individualized trade agreements outside of the EU to personal feelings, the UK has a legitimate reason to want out.

Why I Support the Brexit

While people are talking about the economic implications the Brexit would exhibit, it may not actually be as bad as many think it would be. Some people say that they like free trade and this would hinder that. I will expound on this later. For now, suffice it to say that this is not necessarily a hinderance on free trade. Secondly, if the value of the Euro hinged on the Great British Pound (GBP), one would think that Germany would have thought twice before making the UK feel as if it didn’t have much influence. Personally, I don’t think Merkel is that stupid.

Another part of it is that there is this idea that the UK cannot make certain political decisions if it does not fit with the EU’s agenda. Whether or not this is true, I am uncertain. I have tried to dig a little up on it, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Just the yearning for independence from the EU is enough of a reason to want to be out of it. As an American, I think President Obama should understand the desire for independence rather than telling Britain to stay in the EU. After all, he is the leader of a nation that had to fight for its independence no matter the economic hardship that would be caused by it. On top of all of this, the UK feels as if it is putting more into the EU than it is getting out of it.

Something to Look for: Britain, the EU, and a Trade Agreement

Let’s say that the UK decided to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU and the EU decided to decline. This would be very telling because it would imply that there is something very wrong within the EU. It would imply that there was actual corruption rather than just an immature boys club where girls aren’t allowed because they’re icky. It would also be quite telling because on top of the implied corruption in the EU, it would become apparent that the EU doesn’t actually want its member states to have too much control over themselves.

Currently, the EU has plenty of trade agreements in force. There is nothing stating that it cannot make an agreement with another nation. But there is something stating that individual member states cannot make these decisions on their own. The EU has preferential trade agreements in place. Mexico is one of them. However, the United States is not one of them. Therefore, it is possible that the UK and the United States would form their own agreement. Doing so could cut out the EU and serve the American interest of creating a trade agreement with the EU that isn’t the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Why Britain Wants Out

There’s a lot of speculation about independence. Sure, trade agreements could finally be made that Britain would like, however, there is speculation that some Brits don’t actually want to accept Syrian refugees, but have no say in the matter because it’s an EU decision. I wouldn’t put it past the EU to do something like that, but I have not been able to confirm if this is true or not. Either way, the Euro and the crises it has caused is reason enough to want out.

Remember what happened to Greece when it ran out of money? The EU was talking about bailing them out, but Angela Merkel (Germany) wanted a little more control over things. Because of how condescending the EU and Merkel were, Greece voted on the very thing the UK is voting on today: Whether or not to leave the EU. Obviously, Greece voted to stay and there are stark differences. But if many Greeks saw the EU as a hinderance, it would make sense for the UK to want out of the EU due to the same hinderances.

Bottom Line: The Brexit Needs to Happen

If my short article about the potential corruption and hunger for power the EU has over its member states wasn’t enough to get you into Brexit mode, maybe this article by Vox will. I cannot articulate any clearer that the EU just isn’t what it used to be. It restricts its member states from making a whole lot of decisions on their own because, let’s face it, Germany can’t handle that. It keeps trying to compete with the United States because, again, Germany can’t handle that. It wants other nations to be a certain way, because, sadly, Germany can’t handle that. I don’t dislike Germany, but there’s a lot to the EU with Germany as the root of the problem. This is something that other member states will undoubtedly think about.


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