The Real Reason Why Hillary Lost the Electoral Vote

Recently, we’ve heard people call for the abolishment of the electoral college. Mostly, it’s coming from people who don’t like Donald Trump and feel that the popular vote should be the determining factor in who wins the White House. There have been theories such as Hillary not being a decent candidate to Russia being involved (of course, right?). While one of these theories may have some validity, this isn’t the real reason why Hillary lost the electoral vote. She won the popular vote, but many people can’t figure out how she lost in the long run. That’s why I decided to sit down and try to explain it to everyone.

Electoral Votes Depend on Popular Votes

While we have “electors” who vote for president, many (if not most or even all) will delegate to the popular vote in their state. Hillary Clinton simply lost the popular vote in more states than Donald Trump did. We’re taught in school that the number of electoral votes in each state are based on population. This is why California has the highest number of electoral votes. Political scientists and junkies tend to analyze states by county. Not only is it interesting to see how counties vote, but it sometimes indicates population density. Especially in blue states. In fact, the reason why Clinton lost the election while gaining the most votes is population density.

Analyzing Hillary Clinton’s States

First of all, we need to take a look at the states Clinton won. She won California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia (the pity electoral votes because it’s not a state), Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. In order to understand population density, here’s a list of states where Clinton beat Trump by six figures:

  • California: 2,708,893 votes
  • New York: 1,503,304 votes
  • Massachusetts: 881,699 votes
  • Illinois: 859,319 votes
  • Maryland: 624,305 votes
  • New Jersey: 486,243 votes
  • District of Columbia: 248,670 votes
  • Connecticut: 216,166 votes
  • Virginia: 185,689 votes
  • Hawaii: 138,012 votes

Many of these states have two things in common: They contain a large number of registered Democrats and some are densely populated. California and New York, a total of 84 electoral votes, gave Clinton over 4.2 million more votes than Trump. That’s an outstanding number of votes, but they were wasted on an already large surplus of Clinton votes in two states.

If even 2.1 million people left to spend some time and register to vote in other states, then Trump could have lost very, very badly. Of course, their home states would still have a surplus of Clinton votes. Whether or not this is legal, I’m not sure. But I do know one thing: This factor is the result of moving elsewhere that fits personal political views. There is one major factor that should be mentioned.

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

Remember in 2012, when a tape of Mitt Romney was leaked and he infamously said that 47% of the voters will automatically vote for Barack Obama because they’re lazy? Many attribute that video being a factor in his loss of the election. Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats had a similar moment, except she did it out in the open. They called supporters of Donald Trump several things throughout the campaign. They called them racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, violent, and many other negative adjectives. Perhaps the worst one was when Clinton called Trump supporters a basket of deplorables.



  1. So long story short: people who vote in densely populated areas are less significant than people who live in less densely populated areas.That is inherently undemocratic and downright wrong. The electoral college needs to go. Concerning what HRC said about Trump supporters, the statement was half (not all) are deplorable and the other half are looking for change. It certainly didn’t help her though, you’re right. In the meantime, I get to read an endless supply of absolutely fucking insane right-wing comments on Facebook describing how Trump’s political opponents should be hanged and we need to be more like Russia. As usual, I will try to not associate these comments with all Trump supporters, but it’s getting harder as they are becoming more and more prolific. Often I hear right-wing people say “if you are a peaceful Muslim, you need to call out the radical muslims that you know.” Well I think it’s time that the same thing be said for Trump supporters. If you are a non-deplorable Trump supporter, challenge the deplorable ones. Believe me–they are out there. Furthermore, why has President Elect Trump done / said more to stop the huge wave of discrimination that has occurred since he has been elected? Scary times.

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    1. You are right! The electoral college is undemocratic. That is why the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy.. The Electoral College levels the playing field for the smaller populated states. A Democracy is nothing more than 2 wolves and 1 sheep deciding what is for dinner.

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  2. To the anonymous one: I do call out other Deplorables that actually earn the name.

    AI: That’s the argument I usually make to people at my university. They usually drone on about slavery, which was a small part of advocation for the electoral college (which is historically as you described).


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