Why So Many People Prefer Credit Unions

We’ve all been there. You get mistreated by your bank (Wells Fargo, for example) and you say, “Ugh! I want out of this horrible bank!” But then you realize that you’re with that big bank because you like having branches and ATMs without fees wherever you go. If you bank with Wells Fargo, you think to yourself, “I’ve got access to more than 12,500 ATMs and approximately 6,200 retail locations. I can’t giveĀ that up!” You think that there isn’t a better way.

I’ve got news for you: ThereĀ is a better way. You don’t have to stay with Wells Fargo or whichever big bank you’re currently at. Plus, you can find much better interest rates. What’s my secret? It’s really not a secret at all. It’s the power of credit unions.


How to Save Money in College

Recently, I wrote an article about saving money. While the tips I gave in that article were mainly good for those who have just graduated from college, I decided that I should write about savings techniques for many of us. That is, those who are still in college. We scrimp. We save. No matter what we do, it always seems like we can’t save any money for anything we want or need. This may seem true, but I assure you that at least one of these tips will be helpful.