Should Economics Departments Make Earning Their Major Harder?

Why would a department want to make their major harder to obtain? While it sounds a little backwards, making it harder to earn a degree in economics not only helps the reputation of your school, it helps the reputation of your department. Think about the psychology between reputation and academic rigor: Ivy League schools are extremely hard to get into, but their courses aren’t necessarily harder (if they’re harder at all) than anywhere else. Since most people don’t know the second part, many believe an Ivy League graduate has some sort of mythical power in their field. The ugly truth: Half of the time, it’s just brand loyalty.



The Best Calculators for Economics Majors

I’ve seen plenty of places talk about which calculators we should all use for science, engineering, finance, and real estate. What bothers me is that there are plenty of great calculators, but nobody talks about what you should use for economics. On top of this, you’ll find that there are people who get ridiculous and say things like, “You don’t need much more than a simple $3 calculator from Target.” This leaves most of us in the dark when shopping for calculators.

As economics majors, we sometimes get screwed over when we think that we can just buy a fancy $150 graphing calculator and find out that our professors don’t allow them. Luckily, I’ve done some of the hard work and research by looking into things for us.