Getting the Most Out of Your Credit Cards

How are you using your credit cards? Do they sit in your wallet, longing to see the sunlight? Or are you getting the most out of the benefits that come with them? A lot of people claim they have a credit card to “build credit” or “in case of an emergency,” but these are often fringe benefits to having them. What exactly are you missing out on?

Choosing the Right Cards

First, you should figure out what constitutes the “right card” for you. It depends on what you like, to be honest. Does it come with perks like cashback or other kinds of rewards? There are a lot of credit cards that have perks like the Target REDCard, where you get 5 percent off every purchase, or the Chevron Visa Card, which offers a slew of discounts on gasoline. You should research all of the options available to you and see if you can find a credit card offered by stores and locations you frequent.



Splurge or Save?: Saving Money by Shopping

Saving money by shopping? There’s no way! Actually, there really is a way to do it. It’s just by doing simple price comparisons. Everybody knows that┬áname-brand products tend to be better. At least, that’s what we tend to think. In some cases, they’re similar if not exactly the same as house-brand or knockoff items.

Let’s take a quick trip to the grocery store and see what I would save by switching three common household items bought at the grocery store!


Bargain Buys Everyone Should Avoid

When it comes to saving money, there are many ways people have thought of to stretch their budget. Some use coupons, others use thrift stores, others go to dollar stores. While I, too buy a lot of things from the dollar store, there are many things that you should avoid like the plague. They always seem like a good buy, but trust me, they’re not.┬áThere are also a lot of things that are actually a pretty good deal from the dollar store as well.